Coach Guide to the +1 Program

Your clients who are enrolled in the +1 Program for auto-renewal will always have a single session “on deck” with you, allowing them to be ready to train at any time. Here's how it works:

  •  When a client is enrolled in the +1 Program and you mark their last remaining session with you as complete, 1 more session will automatically be booked at the per-session rate of the last package they booked with you.
  •  When this session is booked, we'll send an email to you and the client letting you know that the additional session has been booked at their current rate.
  •  Clients can enroll, cancel, or adjust their +1 Program settings from their CoachUp account at any time.


  • +1 Program FAQs
  • How can clients enroll in the +1 Program?

    Clients can enroll or un-enroll from the +1 Program at any time right from their CoachUp account by clicking "Manage +1 Program Preferences" in the "Helpful Links" section. Please note, in order to enroll in the +1 Program, your client must first book a package with you, after which they will then have the option to enroll.

  • What if I don't want my client to be automatically rebooked at a certain rate?

    If you don't want your client to be enrolled in the +1 Program for a specific package, you can offer a Custom Package to your client from your inbox and check off: "Do not offer auto-renewal on this package."

  • How can I update my rate for my client's +1 Program bookings?

    Your client's +1 Program rate will always be the per-session rate of the last package they booked with you. So if your client is already enrolled in the +1 Program and hasn't completed all of their sessions with you yet, you can update their +1 Program rate by having your client book a new package with you before you mark their last training session as complete. As soon as your client books you at your new rate, their +1 Program rate will be updated to the new per-session rate, and you can continue marking your sessions as complete.

  • If a client is enrolled in the +1 Program and completes a 5-session package, will they be automatically rebooked for another 5 sessions? Or just 1 session at the 5-session package rate?

    Regardless of how many sessions the client booked to start, the +1 Program automatically rebooks 1 session at the same per-session rate as their last booked package with you. The goal of the +1 Program is to keep 1 session "on deck" for a client at all times.

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