Client Guide to the +1 Program

The +1 Program for auto-renewal makes sure you always have a single session "on deck," allowing you to be ready to train at any time. Here's how it works:

  • When your coach marks your last remaining session as complete, 1 more session will automatically be rebooked for you at the same per-session rate as the last package you booked.
  • When this session is booked, we'll send an email letting you know that one additional session has been booked at your current rate (using the card you have on file).
  • You can enroll, cancel, or adjust your +1 Program settings from your CoachUp account at any time.


  • +1 Program FAQs
  • Why should I enroll in the +1 Program?

    You’re busy. We get it. Spend less time trading scheduling messages with your coach and more time actually training.

    First dibs. With a session already on the books, you can be confident you’ll get priority access to your coach.

    Getting to the next level takes more than an hour. CoachUp Ambassador Stephen Curry did not become the 2x NBA MVP and World Champion in one hour of practice - it took years of consistent, dedicated training. And he’s still at it today.

    We’ve got you covered. If at any time you decide this match is not quite perfect, our dedicated Customer Experience Team will connect you with another coach.

  • How can I manage my +1 Program settings?

    You can enable or disable this function at any time right from your CoachUp account by clicking "Manage +1 Program Preferences" in the "Helpful Links" section. Please note that in order to enroll in the +1 Program, you must first book a package with a coach, after which you will then have the option to enroll.

  • If I am enrolled in +1 Program and complete a 5-session package, will I be automatically rebooked for another 5 sessions? Or just 1 session at the 5-session package rate?

    Regardless of how many sessions you booked, the +1 Program automatically rebooks 1 session at the same per-session rate as the last package you booked with your coach. The goal of the +1 Program is to keep 1 session "on deck" for you at all times.

  • Will the additional session be booked automatically, or do I need to issue approval before the booking is confirmed?

    In the +1 Program, when your last remaining session is marked complete, a 1-session booking will occur without any action required from you.

    We'll email you to confirm that the session was booked on you behalf (the email will include the rate and payment method, so you’ll know exactly what you were charged). We're committed to providing clear and prompt communication - our Customer Experience Team is standing by 7 days a week to help!

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