How do I post content on CoachUp Nation?


Once you're logged into your CoachUp account, visit CoachUp Nation and click "My CU Nation" in the top right. This is called your Command Center.

From your Command Center, you have several options:

  • Select the "Create Post" option if you'd like to write an article or share a video with some commentary.
    • When creating a post, you'll need to make sure you add a title, create a short description with what your post is about, and add a featured image by clicking the "Feature Image" button.
  • Select the "Create Slideshow" option if you'd like to create a slideshow of images with commentary.
  • Select the "Create Quiz" option to create a quiz to test the knowledge of visitors to CoachUp Nation.
  • Select the "Create Poll" option to create a short poll to gather people's opinions

No matter what kind of post you're making, you can use the "Save Changes" button at any point to save your work. The post will be saved to your "Drafts" folder.

Once you're done with your post and have all the requirements filled out, you'll have the option to submit it to our editors for review.

Check out the CoachUp Nation posting guide if you run into any issues. 


Can I edit my post once I’ve submitted it?
Unfortunately, no. Once it has been submitted, any changes go through our editors - so proofread carefully!

I've submitted my post but I don’t see it on the site.
There are many factors that determine what we feature. Our editors review each post to determine if it can be posted or if it needs a little work. We are happy to give individual feedback so if you have submitted a post and don’t see it, feel free to reach out.

What should I post?

Great content about coaching! Seriously -- coaching tips, drills, skills, advice, fitness, wellness, nutrition – if it is about youth sports, we want to hear it.

What shouldn't I post?
We are a family friendly site. No offensive content or language, and no advertisements. If you think something is questionable, it probably is! But feel free to ask us, too.

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