What is Online Training? How do I create an Online Training Package?

With online training, you are no longer restricted by location, facilities, or capacity. Train an unlimited number of clients across the country through an online communication platform of your choosing.

How do I create an Online Package?

To create an online package, you can simply create a standard Online Training package that any athlete can book from your CoachUp profile. Here you will detail what the online package consists of, the duration of the training, and the final deliverable(s).

What Types of Training Can I do Online?

The types of training you can do online varies from sport to sport. Some examples include:

  • Half marathon training plans
  • Golf stroke video analysis
  • Football game film review
  • Virtual yoga session

If your online training consists of exchanging plans or feedback, you can do so via email, Dropbox, or whatever platform works best for you. Be sure to stay in contact with your clients - even though you are not meeting face-to-face, it is important that they know you are still supporting them!

If you are holding a virtual session, it is easy to hold the session over Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Skype. Make sure you do a trial run with all of your recording equipment to confirm you are producing a high quality product.

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