How do I get paid for my Events?

Your earnings for an event you've created will be determined by how many athletes register for the event. If more than 4 athletes register for the event, your earnings will be different than if 4 or less athletes register for your event. To learn more about creating an event, visit our help center article on creating a group event.


When five or more athletes register for an event you've created, you will earn 94% of your rate per registrant.

If four or less athletes register for the event, then each registration will be treated as a package, so your earnings will be based on the number of times you've trained with each registrant.

Your event will still be open for new registrations for 24 hours after the event is scheduled to take place. So if anyone forgets to register, they'll be able to do so for up to 24 hours after the event takes place.

After that 24 hour period, we'll begin processing your payment for your event automatically, so you can expect to receive your payment approximately 4-5 business days after your event takes place.

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