Personalize your profile with a custom url, business name, and more

Customize how your information is displayed on your public profile

By default, your first name and last initial are displayed on your public profile. If you wish to adjust your profile name to only show your full first and last name, you can do that by clicking the "Display full name publicly box" under the Basic Info section of your Profile.

If you have your own coaching business and want to be able to display your business name on your CoachUp profile visit the "Account" tab of your CoachUp account and add it to your basic information.

Add a customized URL for your CoachUp profile to make it easier to share with potential clients

If you meet a potential client outside of CoachUp or want to hand out business cards with a link to your profile on them, we'd recommend creating a "vanity URL." It can be difficult to share your URL if it's too complicated or hard to remember, so by creating a vanity URL, you can create a simple, easy to remember URL formatted as:

You'll be able to make the "custom" at the end of the URL anything you like (as long as another coach hasn't already taken it). To set your vanity URL, visit the "Profile" tab of your CoachUp account. 


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