Adding a Custom URL and Referring Clients

Creating a customized URL for your CoachUp profile makes it easier to both share your profile with potential clients and invite existing clients to CoachUp.

We recommend creating a "vanity URL" if you want to hand out business cards with a link to your profile on them or want to invite your existing clients to book with you on CoachUp.  It can be difficult to share your URL if it's too complicated or hard to remember, so by creating a vanity URL, you can create a simple, easy to remember URL formatted as:

You'll be able to make the "custom" at the end of the URL anything you like (as long as another coach hasn't already taken it). To set your vanity URL, visit the "Profile" tab of your CoachUp account.



Your custom vanity also serves as an easy way to invite clients that you already are working with, or already know, to book with you through CoachUp.

When you invite a client to CoachUp, CoachUp's fees are waived for both you and your client! You are only responsible for a 3% payment processing fee. This means that you will earn 97% of what you charge your client, and your clients will pay no extra fees. So if you charge $100, your client will pay $100 and you'll earn $97.

Invite clients to CoachUp to take advantage of our $1 million insurance policy on all sessions, credit card processing, easy-to-use scheduling tools, and more. Get started by clicking "Invite a Client" in the My CoachUp tab of your CoachUp dashboard or directing them to the following link: where the "custom" at the end of the URL is the same vanity that you created for your Profile link above.

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