How do I get paid for my CoachUp sessions?

CoachUp pays coaches via direct deposit. Sessions must be booked by clients through the CoachUp platform in order for coaches to receive payment. Accepting payment from CoachUp clients outside the CoachUp platform is not permitted.

In order to be paid for the sessions you complete, visit the “Sessions” tab of your dashboard and click "Mark Complete" next to each completed session. You'll then be required to submit some session feedback for your client. This also lets us know that the session has taken place. After you click the "Mark Complete" you can also select the option to view the package details of the session you are marking complete to see exactly what your earnings will be from that training session.


If something doesn't look right or it looks like your earnings aren't what you were expecting, give us a call or shoot us an email before you finalize marking the session as complete. We'll be able to make sure your earnings were calculated correctly and make any adjustments if we need to.

On the go? You can also mark sessions complete with our iPhone or Android mobile apps.

You can expect to receive your payment via direct deposit approximately 3-4 business days after you mark a session complete. Check on the status of your payment by visiting your "Payments" tab. Your payment will be in one of 4 states:

  • Pending - The session has been marked complete, but the payment has not been issued yet.
  • Sent - The payment has been issued to your bank account. Please allow 1-2 business days for the funds to become available to you in your account (this time may vary depending on your bank).
  • Paid - The payment should be available in your account (however, if there is an error with your payment, the status may take up to 5 days to update from "Paid" to "Error").
  • Error - There has been an error issuing your payment. Please update your direct deposit information by deleting the information you have on file and re-entering it. Make sure you're using a checking account (not a savings account) and be careful not to make any typos. We will reissue your payment within a day or so after you re-enter your information. If you continue to receive errors, please contact your bank to confirm that there are no errors with your account, or contact us at and we can work with you to diagnose and fix the error.

Need to set up direct deposit?

To set up your direct deposit information, go to the "Payments" tab on your CoachUp dashboard and click the link to edit or add your direct deposit information.


Simply fill in your information and click the "Submit" button (you can change this information at any time by clicking "Delete Saved Account").

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