How does Coach Score work?

Coach Score rewards our coaches for being awesome. Here's how it works:

The higher your Coach Score...

  • The closer to the top you'll show up in our search results*
  • The more clients we send you
  • The easier it is for athletes to find and book you
  • The higher you will rank on the CoachUp National Leaderboard of the best private coaches in America

How you earn Points:

  • Finish a session with an athlete (10)
  • Receive a positive review (10)
  • Refer a coach to CoachUp (20)
  • Complete steps on your profile to-do list (2-10)

* Additional things we take into account when determining your position in the search results:

  • Your location in relation to the client's location
  • How quickly you reply to client messages
  • Whether you've updated your specific availability each week
  • Your client loyalty rate (calculated by looking at the number of clients who have booked their first session with you in the first year - of those clients how many of them have completed multiple sessions with you?)
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