CoachUp Partnership Agreement

In order to provide a great experience for CoachUp clients, we require coaches to:

  • Reply to client messages within 48 hrs
  • Respond to Booking Requests within 24 hours ("Accept" or "Decline")
  • Contact clients promptly upon confirmation of booking
  • Show up on time (or early) for scheduled sessions
  • Come to session prepared with all necessary equipment
  • Maintain active communication with clients who have booked sessions
  • Keep availability and location up to date1
  • Provide clients with at least 24 hours notice in the event of a cancellation

For the safety and integrity of our community, we do not allow:  

  • Exchange of contact information before a booking takes place2
  • Accepting payment from CoachUp clients outside of the CoachUp platform3
  • Encouraging CoachUp clients to book sessions with you outside of CoachUp
  • Marking training sessions complete that have not taken place
  • Unprofessional communication or behavior
  • Falsification of personal information
  • Providing a client experience that falls short of CoachUp standards

Any coach who fails to comply with the above requirements will be subject to their CoachUp account being placed on hold and unable to accept new clients. We enforce our Guidelines and Expectations to ensure that all CoachUp clients receive a great experience and to maintain the integrity of our community.

These Coach Guidelines are also incorporated into our Terms of Service, available here.

1. What if I'm unavailable to coach?

2. Communicating with clients

3. Why is it important to make sure sessions are booked through CoachUp?

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