Why is it important to make sure sessions are booked through CoachUp?

There are many reasons why it's important to make sure that a client books sessions with you through CoachUp before training takes place.

Most importantly:

  • Clients agree to a liability waiver when they checkout through CoachUp. This provides you with an extra level of coverage in the event of an accident or injury during a CoachUp session.
  • CoachUp provides all coaches with general liability insurance up to $1,000,000. This coverage applies to all sessions booked through CoachUp.

Other benefits include:

  • Your Coach Score increases every time you complete a session through CoachUp. This gives your profile a higher rank in the CoachUp search results, helping to grow your business.
  • CoachUp processes credit card payments from the client, so you never have to worry about asking for money from the client.
  • CoachUp protects you with a 24-hour cancellation policy in case a client no-shows for a scheduled session, allowing you to be paid for the time you’ve set aside.
  • CoachUp periodically offers discounts to your clients. If your client uses a CoachUp discount, your earnings will stay the same!

Can I accept cash or a check from client?

As a CoachUp Coach, you agree that payment for all sessions with CoachUp clients will be handled through CoachUp’s system, which requires clients to purchase sessions using a credit or debit card. You may not accept cash or check payments from the client at any point in time.

Please keep in mind that by electing to arrange sessions that are not booked through CoachUp, you will no longer be covered by our liability insurance and your account may be subject to suspension from CoachUp.

If a client requests to pay by cash or check, you should let them know that by paying through CoachUp, they will be covered by to our 100% money-back guarantee, which protects their purchase if for some reason they aren't able to complete their sessions.

Please refer to our Coach Guidelines and Expectations for more information around our policies for coaches.
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