What is CoachUp's policy for client cancellations?

CoachUp protects you with a 24-hour cancellation policy in case a client does not show up for a scheduled session. You have the option to mark the session complete so that you will still be paid for the time you've set aside. This policy is to be implemented at your discretion; we encourage you to use your judgement depending on your client's circumstance.

If a client is not present at the beginning of the session, call to check on his/her status. If a client is just running late, utilize the remaining time in the session to the best of your ability. If a client does not show up at all, we recommend you reach out to him/her to discuss the reason for missing the session and attempt to reschedule it.

Be sure to schedule your sessions in advance through CoachUp. That way, if your client is a no-show, we'll have a record of when the session was supposed to take place.

If you're unable to train with your client and they require a refund or would like to transfer their booking to a different coach, visit our help center article on processing refunds/transfers for clients.

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