Attracting clients with a great one sentence bio

Your One Sentence Bio is the first thing clients will read about you when they search for coaches in their area. To help your profile stand out, include specific details that are unique to your background and experience, such as athletic achievements and coaching/career highlights.

Visit the Profile tab in your dashboard to update your One Sentence Bio.

One Sentence Description example

  • Great descriptions include specifics:
  • Former D1 starter with 3 years of private coaching experience. Specializes as a shooting coach.
  • Former assistant coach at nationally ranked TC Roberson High School and lead assistant for Needham's Post 14 American Legion team.
  • I have 6 years experience as a Certified Personal Trainer through I.S.S.A, and hold two more certifications through NESTA and TRX.
  • Avoid vague descriptions:
  • I have been coaching athletes for quite some time - train with me to reach your goals!
  • Let’s work hard, get better, and have fun!
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