Keys for an outstanding coach application

Starting Your Application

Visit our Coaching Jobs page to apply to be a CoachUp coach. You can begin your application by entering your basic information. If you submit your CoachUp application and we let you know that it needs more information before we can approve it, take a look at the sections below to make sure your application met our standards.

The first step is to make sure you have a great profile photo. Some examples can be found in Choosing the Perfect Profile Photo.

  • Do's:
  • Individual headshot (with a nice smile!)
  • Individual action/in-game shot (face clearly visible)
  • High quality image
  • Don'ts:
  • Selfie
  • Photo without your face
  • Group photo
TIP: Your photo, price, and One Sentence Bio will help you catch the attention of potential clients searching for a coach in your area. Welcome new clients with a high quality, smiling headshot of yourself.

After you have uploaded your profile photo, scroll down to the Your Coach Profile section.


Coach Profile

The Your Coach Profile section consists of four fields that you are required to fill out:

  1. Coaching Experience (jump)
  2. Athletic Highlights (jump)
  3. Session Plan (jump)
  4. One Sentence Bio (jump)

1. Coaching Experience
(140 character minimum)

What experience do you have coaching or training athletes? At what levels have you coached? Where have you worked as a coach or trainer? What age groups do you typically work with? Do you have any industry certifications?

Be specific here! List specific schools, teams, clubs, universities that you have coached as well as how many and which years you spent with each. Have your players/teams gone on to play in any championships/win any awards?

  • Great descriptions include specifics:
  • My coaching resume includes stops at St. Anne's Belfield School in Charlottesville, Virginia working as a bench coach before accepting a job with the nationally ranked TC Roberson Rams in Asheville, NC. I am proud to currently serve as the lead assistant for Needham's Post 14 American Legion team. I have a proven track record of coaching baseball players of all abilities and levels from beginners to High-School All Americans. I have coached many Division 1 players who are or were student-athletes at places like South Carolina, Wake Forest, Appalachian State, Columbia, High Point, James Madison, UNC-Asheville, Tennessee, and Northwestern. I have also worked with many Division II and III players.
  • Avoid vague descriptions:
  • I’m a seasoned coach in Basketball. I have coached for many years for several different teams. I currently coach for a high school team.
TIP: We understand that many of our coaches may be fairly new to coaching so don't forget to add camps that you coached at during your playing days.

2. Athletic Highlights
(140 character minimum)

What were your athletic accomplishments? Did you compete at the collegiate or professional level? Where did you compete? What awards or honors have you earned?

Clients will look at your Athletic Highlights in conjunction with your Coaching Experience to get a sense of who you are as an athlete/coach and how you can help them reach their goals. Again, it is important to be specific. For example, what position did you play?

  • Great descriptions include specifics:
  • I was a three sport athlete at Needham high school, playing football, basketball, and baseball. Basketball was always my greatest passion so I continued to play in college at the Division 1 level at CoachUp University. I was both a relief pitcher and starter and helped my team win three straight Conference Championships. Some of my specific athletic accomplishments are as follows: Voted team captain 2012 Honorable Mention All-Conference 2012 Led Team in basketball in 2011 League MVP in High School
  • Avoid vague descriptions:
  • I was a college basketball player. I would have played professionally if it had not been for an ankle injury.
TIP: Be as descriptive as possible - clients are looking for details they can relate to (played point guard in high school) or can aspire to (earned a scholarship to play D1).

3. Session Plan
(140 character minimum)

We understand that every session will be different, but this section will provide insight into what a typical session with you may entail (drills, techniques, coaching style).

What's typically included? Check out the example below:

  • Good example (baseball):
    1. Dynamic warm up involving short plyometric movements to get legs and core engaged
    2. Position specific throwing with player
    3. Front toss to diagnose key areas to work on
    4. Tee work
    5. Live batting practice
    6. Conditioning and/or position specific work
  • Bad example (too generic):
  • We will work very hard while also having a ton of fun!
TIP: This is a good opportunity to show areas that you believe to be your expertise.

4. One Sentence Bio
(180 character maximum)

Your One Sentence Bio is the first thing clients will read about you when they search for coaches in their area. To help your profile stand out, include specific details that are unique to your background and experience, such as athletic achievements and coaching/career highlights.

  • Great descriptions include specifics:
  • Former D1 starter with 3 years of private coaching experience. Specializes as a shooting coach.
  • Former assistant coach at nationally ranked TC Roberson High School and lead assistant for Needham's Post 14 American Legion team.
  • I have 6 years experience as a Certified Personal Trainer through I.S.S.A, and hold two more certifications through NESTA and TRX.
  • Avoid vague descriptions:
  • I have been coaching athletes for quite some time - train with me to reach your goals!
  • Let’s work hard, get better, and have fun!
TIP: This should be unique and informative – what experience do you have that differentiates you from the other coaches.


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