How do I set my availability?

It's important to keep your availability up to date so that your potential clients know when you will be able to train with them. You can set your General Availability and your Specific Availability from the "Availability" tab in your Dashboard. If you are unavailable to coach for any extended period of time, please use the "Vacation Mode" feature.

Setting your Specific Availability

Boost your search ranking by specifying when you're available to train for the upcoming week.

With the Specific Availability feature, you can confirm your exact availability for each day in the upcoming one to two weeks.

Please be mindful that when you add your Specific Availability, you are committing to train at that time if requested by one of your clients.

Why provide Specific Availability?
  • Clients are more likely to book sessions when they know your schedule is compatible with theirs.
  • Coaches who provide specific availability appear higher in our search rankings.

Great, so how do I set this up?

Visit the "Availability" tab in your dashboard, then select the times when you are available to train (confirmed availability). Clients will be able to view your Specific Availability and select their preferred time while booking.

Providing Specific Availability
When you have availability set for any day, you'll see checkmark below that date. In this example, the coach is available from 10:00am to 1:00pm on February 1.

What if I don't know my availability for a certain day?

No worries! It's ok if you don't know your available hours for every day; just skip the days you aren't sure about and update as much as you can. The more days you can provide availability for, the higher your profile will be boosted in the search results.

Setting your General Availability

Your General Availability shows the dates and times when you are available to train in a typical week. To set your general availability, make sure the toggle is set to "General". Then, you'll be able to set the hour blocks on each day that you are typically available to train. Once you've selected the dates and times for your General Availability, click the "Save" button.

Providing General Availability

Select General Availability (iOS) Select General Availability (iOS)

Select General Availability (iOS) Select General Availability (iOS)

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