Scheduling & completing the session

Scheduling Your Sessions

The sooner you can get your training started, the sooner the athlete can see improvement, and the quicker you can get paid. Once you have nailed down a time, date, and location, schedule your session by clicking on the “Schedule” button next to the client’s name.

When you schedule your sessions, CoachUp will provide details about when they will take place, and automatically provide you and your client with reminders leading up to each session. CoachUp has a 24-hour cancellation policy to protect both you and your client in the event of a last minute cancellation, so be sure to give your athlete a heads up if you are unable to make a session.


Completing Your Sessions

Once you complete your session, you need to mark the session complete to receive your payment. You should only mark a session complete after it has occurred. We encourage you to do this immediately  following sessions to ensure timely payouts. To mark a session as complete, just click the "Mark Complete" button next to the session in the Sessions tab of your dashboard.

After clicking the “Mark Complete” button, you will need to provide the following information to receive payment:

  • Session date, time, and location
  • Feedback for the athlete - provide an overview of what you worked on, the athlete’s performance, and discuss what you will work on in future sessions.

Payments are issued 3-5 days after you mark a training session as complete. You can check on the status of your payout in your Payments tab. If you accidentally mark a session complete that did not occur, please contact CoachUp Customer Support immediately.

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