Communicating with clients

For every inquiry you receive, keep in mind that there is an individual behind the message who is looking to you to help them reach Another Level.

In your CoachUp account you can visit your Inbox to view any incoming messages from potential clients. There are two types of messages you may receive: direct messages and general requests.


Direct Messages

Direct messaging is the most common form of communication between you and your clients. The client’s message is automatically sent to your CoachUp Inbox and your email address; you can reply to the message from either. The quicker you reply to your clients, the more likely they’ll be to book sessions with you.

CoachUp requires coaches to reply to their clients within 48 hours, or their fast response rate will be docked, so try to aim for a 100% fast response rate. Also, if you do not respond within 48 hours, you will receive a warning and your profile will drop in the search results.


General Requests

Rather than a client directly reaching out to you for your coaching services, a client may opt to submit a general request in search of a coach in their area. The general request is sent to multiple coaches in the area at the same time. We recommend replying to these general requests as quickly as possible to increase your chances of booking the client.


I’ve received a message, now what?

Some things to consider asking about the athlete before deciding if you’re a good match:

  • Desired training location
  • Availability
  • Training goals
  • Age and position (if applicable)

Please keep in mind, that per CoachUp’s Terms of Service, you cannot exchange contact information prior to booking a session. We have built our messaging platform to instantly connect you and your potential clients via email. Please adhere to the system, if not, your profile is in danger of suspension


Booking Requests

There are two different ways to start working together. For both options, you have 24 hours to accept or decline the booking request before it expires.

  • The client can send you a booking request.
  • You can send the client a custom package for a different rate and number of athletes than are available in your default packages.

When you receive a new Booking Request, you have a few options. You may:

  • Accept the Booking Request ASAP - you’ll have 24 hours to respond, but reply quickly to ensure the best experience for the client. Upon accepting, call the client to discuss their goals and session logistics.
  • Decline the Booking Request within 24 hours if you can't work with the client for some reason.
  • If you’d like to know more details before you Accept the Booking Request, promptly message the client via your inbox; await their response, but keep in mind that the Booking Request will expire 24 hours from when it was submitted.

Overall, the most important thing is to Accept or Decline the client’s Booking Request before it expires (24 hours after it’s submitted).


Custom Packages

A custom package allows you the opportunity to adjust your rates on a one-off basis to fit the needs and requests of a client. For example, if you’re willing to train an athlete at a discounted rate, or perhaps you want to offer a special introductory rate, you can offer a custom package without permanently changing your rate.

You can send a custom package from your Inbox by opening a message thread with a potential client and clicking the grey “Offer Custom Package” button.


Great, they’ve booked a session, now what?

Once you accept the booking request, CoachUp will automatically send you the client's phone number, so give them a call to nail down any final logistics! If you can’t reach them over the phone, we strongly recommend leaving them a message and following up with an email. To ensure you and your client are on the page, we recommend scheduling the session from the Sessions tab in your dashboard.

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