Getting started on CoachUp

We are excited to welcome you to the CoachUp platform and we look forward to working with you as your grow your coaching business and brand as a CoachUp coach.

We think you will find that our award winning mobile app is extremely helpful in assisting you to run your private coaching business. To download the CoachUp app please click here.


Verify your account information

Once you accept the CoachUp Terms of Service, please visit the Account tab of your CoachUp dashboard to confirm that all of your information is correct, including an email address and phone number that you have access to on-the-go. 


Complete your profile

The next step to getting started on CoachUp is to make sure that your profile is 100% complete. To do this, click on the Profile tab. At the top of your profile page, you will see a grey box which contains instructions on what to do to bring your profile to 100% completeness. The box will remind you to:

  1. Add Training Locations
  2. Complete My Services
  3. Add a testimonial
  4. Add an action photo
  5. Complete the CoachUp Coach Course
  6. Share your profile 


A few things to note:

Add Training Locations: In the Travel section, indicate if you are willing to travel to do a session. Some clients may request to meet at a location closer to them, but you are not required to do so. By selecting that you are not willing to travel, you are indicating that all sessions will take place at one of your listed training locations. Next, add a training location; you can add multiple locations, but only the top 3 will be visible to potential clients.

You can use parks, churches, high school gyms, or other out of the box places to run a good session. Asking other coaches in your area or searching for facilities on the internet may yield some great results as well. You do not need a lot of space or a brand new facility to hold a great session!

Add your availability: Set your general availability and specific availability.

My Details: In the My Details section, you will indicate whether there is a cost to use the facility where you hold your sessions. If there is, you can let the client know here whether the facility fee is included in your CoachUp rate or if the client should expect to pay more to use the facility at the time of the session.

Testimonials: Obtain a quote from colleagues, athletes, or parents of athletes that you have coached. We have found that coaches with testimonials attract more clients.


Set up your payment information

To review your pricing options, go to your Packages tab. Setting your session length and duration will be a little different depending on your membership type. For more info, see our article on customizing your rate and session duration. When setting your pricing, make sure you set your price competitively! The average coach charges $45-50 per hour, but we suggest taking a look at what other coaches in your area are charging on CoachUp. You can visit the site as an athlete and enter your sport and zip code to see coaches in your area.

In order to receive payment for your training sessions, you'll need to set up your direct deposit information. Click the Set up, review, or change your payment settings here link at the top of your Payments tab. Make sure you enter a valid checking account and routing number.

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