How do I add photos to my session feedback to clients?

Did you know you can attach photos to your session feedback when you mark your training sessions as complete with your clients?

This can be a great way to show your clients improvements in their form or to point out areas where they can make improvements. Try the feature out the next time you mark a session as complete, and give your clients a better overall experience!

When you're marking your training session as complete, just click the "Upload Photo" button before submitting your feedback. Then, select the photo you'd like to attach – your photo will be sent to your client along with your feedback.

Step 1: Visit the "Sessions" tab of your dashboard to mark your training session(s) as complete. 
Step 2: When writing feedback to your client, you can click the "Upload Photo" button to attach photos that will be sent to your client with their feedback. Upload a photo from your computer, phone or from Facebook.

Once you've uploaded you're photos, you'll be all set to mark the session as complete. Check out what it'll look like on your client's end!



Session Feedback (iOS) Session Feedback (iOS)

Session Feedback (Android) Session Feedback (Android)

When marking your session complete, after you provide the date/time and location, the next step will allow you to attach a photo, which will be shared with the client along with your feedback.

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