Coach Guide to the Ongoing Training Option

Your clients who have decided to take advantage of the Ongoing Training option for auto-renewal will always have a single session “on deck” with you, allowing them to be ready to train at any time. Here's how it works:

  • When a client is using the Ongoing Training option and you mark their last available session as complete, 1 more session will automatically be booked at the per-session rate of the last package they booked with you.
  • When this session is booked, we'll send an email to you and the client letting you know that the additional session has been booked at their current rate.
  • Clients can enroll, cancel, or adjust their Ongoing Training settings from their CoachUp account at any time.


  • Ongoing Training FAQs
  • How can clients begin their Ongoing Training with me?

    Clients can turn Ongoing Training on or off at any time right from their CoachUp account by clicking "Manage Ongoing Training Program Preferences" in the "Helpful Links" section. Please note, in order to use the Ongoing Training option, your client must first book a package with you, after which they will then be able to stay with the Ongoing Training option or turn it off.

  • What if I don't want my client to be automatically rebooked at a certain rate?

    If you don't want your client to use the Ongoing Training option for a specific package, you can offer a Custom Package to your client from your inbox and check off: "Do not offer auto-renewal on this package."

  • How can I update my rate for my client's bookings if they are using Ongoing Training?

    As part of the Ongoing Training program, your client's rate will always be the per-session rate of the last package they booked with you. So, if you need to update their rate, and you have discussed the change with your client, please contact us so that we can help us accomodate the change. Your client will need to log in and go through the checkout process to book your new rate in order for their Ongoing Training rate to updated. Once this happens, you can continue marking your sessions as complete to be paid at the new rate.

  • If a client is using the Ongoing Training option and completes a 5-session package, will they be automatically rebooked for another 5 sessions? Or just 1 session at the 5-session package rate?

    Regardless of how many sessions the client booked to start, the Ongoing Training option books 1 session at the same per-session rate as their last booked package with you. The goal of Ongoing Training is to keep 1 session "on deck" for a client at all times.

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