Upload a "Welcome to My Profile" Video

If you have the CoachUp iOS app, you'll be able to upload an introduction video to your profile page.

Open the menu in the app, and click the "Upload Profile Video" button. You'll be instructed to take a short (~45 second) video. Use this video as an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients and give a short description of what your typical training session is like.
Follow these steps to add a video:
  • Make sure you're in a place with good lighting and no background noise
  • Enlist a friend to help press "record" (no selfies, please!)
  • Keep the camera still and avoid zooming while recording
  • Take your video in landscape orientation (holding your phone on its side, not upright)
Once you submit your video, we'll get it up on your profile in the next day or so, or we'll reach out to you if we think your video could use some tweaks.
Need some inspiration? Check out Coach Vasili's profile video.

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