What is CoachUp's policy regarding authorizing a background check (for coaches)?

All CoachUp coaches must pass an Identification Check, National Criminal Check, and Sex Offender Check performed by Checkr when they submit an application to coach on CoachUp. Coaches are required to renew these checks on an annual basis to maintain their CoachUp accounts.

All clients also have the ability to purchase an up to date Comprehensive Background Check (Unlimited County Criminal Check). This is a detailed local-level search reporting any criminal convictions recorded within the last 7 years - for all registered addresses over the previous 7 years. This background check can be purchased by clients for $24.99 at checkout. You will not be charged to authorize this check.

This check will be performed by our trusted partner, Checkr. Once the results are returned, CoachUp will notify your client that the results of your check meet (or do not meet) our standards for CoachUp Membership.

Authorization of this check is required within 7 days of the initial authorization request. If you do not complete this action within that timeframe, the authorization request will be canceled, and your account will be restricted (suspending the ability for new clients to message or book sessions with you through CoachUp).

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