Cyber Safety: Protecting Yourself from Online Scams

Communicate through CoachUp, not your personal email or by text

If you’ve spent time online, you’ve probably encountered an internet scam or two. Our system takes measures to prevent scams from getting through to you by scanning messages for language and symbols related to scams. We typically catch them before they ever get to you, but it's still important to be aware of what a scam looks like. 

Review the following tips and warning signs to avoid these scams, and most importantly, contact us immediately if any interaction you've had seems amiss so we can investigate and take appropriate action.

  • Beware of common scams
  • The following examples of messages can indicate a scam. Should you come across a message you believe to be from a scammer, you can report the message to us by clicking the "Report" icon.

    Report Icon (desktop) Report Icon (iOS)
  • “Please contact me via email or text right away.”

    Scammers know we monitor all messages, so anyone who encourages you to contact them off the site immediately may be questionable.

  • “What is your bank account information? I will transfer the funds directly to your account.”

    We require all payments to be processed through CoachUp so we can ensure the security of account and payment information. All members of the CoachUp community are aware of this; therefore, anybody who is asking for this information is likely a scammer.

  • “I will pay you more with credit card if you can bring cash to pay the driver who is bringing the athletes to the training session.”

    Beware of all "overpayment scams", a type of scam in which someone will offer more to pay you more than what your rate is, and ask you to repay them in cash for the difference.

Bottom line: report anything that seems suspicious

We put the safety and security of everyone in the CoachUp community first. Do not hesitate to report any messages that seem suspicious - it’s the best way for us to improve your experience and keep our community safe.

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