Trust & Safety 101

Every day, hundreds of training sessions take place across CoachUp Nation thanks to our passionate athlete community and roster of expert, top-notch coaches who love what they do. CoachUp thrives on the values central to all sports:  dedication, hard work, loyalty, and teamwork. We are committed to empowering our athletes and coaches to become the very best they can be, and are excited to have you play on our team.

When we live these values on AND off the field, we are able to support an active and sustainable marketplace where anybody, regardless of circumstance, can gain access to individuals who can alter and improve the trajectory of their life through sport.


Who is in CoachUp Nation?

Athletes & Parents: Our athletes and their supporters come to CoachUp to take their game to the next level. Whether it be to making the varsity roster, running your first 5k, or trying out a new sport, CoachUp is the place to go for all of your training needs!

Coaches: CoachUp coaches have extensive experience competing and coaching at a high level. All coaches have passed an Identification Check, National Criminal Check as well as a Sex Offender Check performed by Checkr, ensuring that CoachUp is a safe and secure marketplace.


What are the ground rules?

  1. Communication: Be polite, respectful, and don’t send spam with requests or offers to sell something. Be clear about dates, times, and locations. Provide thorough information to ensure smooth and efficient communication.
  2. Stay on the platform: All sessions must be booked on - if sessions take place off the platform, we are unable to back up our athletes or coaches in the chance something goes awry. Keep in mind that CoachUp provides all coaches with general liability insurance up to $1,000,000. This coverage applies to all sessions booked through CoachUp.
  3. It is also recommended that all messaging and scheduling takes place on the platform to keep your training simple and centralized.
  4. When in doubt, reach out: If someone or something seems questionable or you are uncertain, contact our Support Team on LiveChat at, email us at or call us at 888-680-4750 seven days a week.
  5. Train hard and have fun!


What are the penalties for violating our terms of service?

Our athletes and coaches are primarily responsible members of the community. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, you may not know what is and is not okay. As such, we have a system in place to accommodate athletes and coaches who make mistakes. We have resources to help our community understand our terms of service, and we are always happy to speak with you directly to answer any questions.

  • Strike 1: First warning issued for violating our terms of service.
  • Strike 2: Second warning issued for violating our terms of service. Coaches with a second warning will have their profile placed on locked vacation mode for a period of time.
  • Strike 3: Third warning issued for violating our terms of service. Coaches with a third warning will have their profile permanently suspended. 

*Please note that CoachUp reserves the right to escalate strikes for coaches based on the severity of the violation.

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