Changing my price and adding group packages

To set your pricing and session length, go to the "Packages" tab in your CoachUp account.

To edit a current package, click the "Edit" button on one of your packages. To create a new type of package, click the "Add Package" button. Add the following details to complete your package:

  • Name the package (ex: Trial Package, Elite Package, Group Package, Online Training, etc.)
  • Enter a description (include information about what the package will entail, how many athletes can join the package, etc.)
  • Set your package length (minutes, hours, days, weeks) 
  • Set the number of sessions in your package
  • Set the max number of athletes who can register for the package
  • Set the rate of the package (keep in mind, if the client is booking a package with you for the first time, a $19.99 Placement fee will also be charged to your client)
  • Select whether the package is for in-person training or virtual training
    • If you offer virtual training, you will appear in search results across the country to athletes searching for virtual coaching




  • Please note:
  • We ask that you work with each of your clients one-on-one, unless of course the client has booked a package that you've indicated is for group sessions. You may train more than one athlete during a session if you have discussed the situation in advance with your client and believe that including one or more additional athletes will benefit the client's training experience.

By offering group training, you are able to increase your hourly rate. Because of this, we suggest you heavily discount your per athlete rate to make a group booking more attractive for potential clients.

We suggest you charge between:

    • 40% less per athlete for 2 athlete group
    • 50% less per athlete for 3 athlete group
    • 60% less per athlete for 4 athlete group
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