Best practices for meeting new clients

Ensuring the safety of all coaches and clients is paramount to CoachUp. While we have many measures in place to ensure your personal safety, you should always be mindful when communicating online and meeting clients in person for the first time.

Communicating and booking all sessions through the platform provides a digital record of all coach-client interactions, allowing the Support Team to step in if any difficult situations arise. Be sure to book all sessions through CoachUp and avoid cash or check payments; this way, you can ensure compensation if there is an issue such as a last minute cancelation.

When scheduling the first session, be mindful of the locations and facilities you select; make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the initial meeting place. Booking the first session during the daytime is a personal safety precaution that CoachUp encourages. Finally, prior to the first session, contact the client to confirm the time and place of the session.

If you have any concerns about a client, or would like to report suspicious behavior, contact the Support Team at or 888-680-4750.

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