What is CoachUp Pro?

CoachUp Pro is an upgraded membership with added features and benefits. CoachUp Pro is $30 / month.


What are the benefits of CoachUp Pro?

CoachUp Pro generates a custom website using the information from the standard CoachUp Profile. We work with a custom website building platform called Unstack. Once you activate your membership, you create a log in via Unstack to manage your new website. The site is fully customizable in terms of the content, design and branding - you even use your own domain so you have full ownership.

The following CoachUp information is pre populated onto your site (You can edit it all after)

  • Coaching Experience
  • Athletic Experience
  • Photos
  • CoachUp Reviews
  • CoachUp Booking Engine

The final piece of CoachUp pro is that the CoachUp Booking system is fully integrated into your site. This booking flow recognizes that if a client books through your independent website, there are no standard CoachUp referral fees. You earn 94% of all bookings booked through your CoachUp Pro website.


How do I upgrade?

To upgrade, log into your account on a web browser view and follow these steps:

“My CoachUp” > “CoachUp Pro” > “Start your Free Trial”

Upon activating, you get a one week free trial to test it out and can cancel at any time before you are charged. You can modify your CoachUp Pro Membership after activating from this section within your CoachUp account here



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