CoachUp 24/7 - Training from Home

What is CoachUp 24/7?

CoachUp 24/7 helps you train athletes without meeting them in person and provides additional value for your in person athletes. You upload videos of training drills and organize them into guided workouts for your clients. You deliver these workouts through the CoachUp 24/7 mobile app so your athletes can watch your drills, and complete your workouts step by step. 

This is designed for clients who are not comfortable training in person, athletes who are not in your immediate area, or to provide extra workouts (homework) to compliment your in person training. 



As a CoachUp coach, you have full access to CoachUp 24/7 at no additional cost. Clients pay you a monthly subscription for access to your workouts and training content. You earn 84% of all client subscriptions.


Where do I find the CoachUp 24/7 Features?

You will need to use a web browser on a desktop / laptop to view and use most of the CoachUp 24/7 features. You can go to your CoachUp dashboard and link to the CoachUp 24/7 management site using your CoachUp log in information to access your full 24/7 dashboard. This dashboard will be used to upload videos, build workouts and assign to your athletes.

There is also a CoachUp 24/7 Mobile app. This will be used to monitor your workouts. It will also be used by your clients in order to view and complete their workouts




For additional resources regarding CoachUp 24/7, please see below:

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