Virtual Coaching Case Study

Virtual Coaching is Here: How do you Shift?


LeaugeApps, a leading provider of youth sports management software solutions, recently published a survey of over 300 youth sports organizers. This comprehensive study reveals how coaches are adapting to the effects of COVID-19 by using digital tools for training, practices, coaching and community building. However, lingering concerns about player health and program effectiveness persist for many coaches and parents. This article will examine the top issues facing coaches and show how, with the right technology, speed coach Les Spellman has been able to overcome these obstacles. 


How is Covid-19 Affecting Coaches?


To understand how COVID-19 has changed the marketing, training and delivery for coaches, it’s critical to first assess the current environment. The LeagueApps study includes nation-wide data from a wide variety of sports programs. Also included in the report is polling data from parents with children that are actively involved in sports programs. Altogether, this data provides clear indicators for how sports programs should change their operations, and the primary concerns among parents and players about program continuation.  

Key findings of the report include the following:

COVID-19 has accelerated trends in coaching that were growing in popularity before the pandemic.

  • These trends include the adoption of digital applications frequently used by businesses (e.g. Zoom, Google Hangout), social media and virtual coaching platforms. 

Responding quickly and appropriately will determine whether coaches successfully navigate the “new normal.” 

  • Effective responses must include plans for remaining financially viable, ensuring players stay engaged and assuring parents about player safety. 54% of parents are unsure that their children’s sports program will survive the pandemic effects. 


How is Les Spellman Changing How He Coaches?


Speed coach, Les Spellman, has been helping athletes increase their speed through data-driven workouts for over a decade. The formula for conducting the training has consistently been either A: own a building to train athletes or B: find field time at local parks to train athletes. He has never needed a plan C. 


However, a plan C was now necessary. With consistent requests from parents & athletes to offer virtual training, Les had to adapt his training style. He had to provide a virtual training offering. He explored the typical options of Zoom, Google Meets, Instagram, etc but wasn’t finding a long term solution to scale his business. 

“The normal ‘business focused’ virtual platforms weren’t sufficient to what I was attempting to accomplish. They provide time for feedback & engagement, but not consistent workouts for my athletes. I needed a tool that would provide weekly workouts with just a few clicks” 


Then, he came across several virtual coaching platforms, like the one CoachUp 24/7 is offering. It became evident that a platform geared toward sports training was needed if he wanted to commit to the virtual training route. 


“These tools offered a route to complete in person training with athletes who still felt comfortable, while providing virtual workouts for those who wanted to stay at home. Plus, I was able to supplement the in person workouts with virtual ones to provide more value to my athletes”


What’s Next?


So, as a CoachUp coach, how can you effectively and meaningfully respond to the challenges posed by technology constraints, COVID-19 restrictions and genuine concerns about player safety and program continuation? 


CoachUp 24/7 was built for the challenges facing coaches by offering advantages like the following:

  • Fight fatigue by combining Zoom with customizable training programs that allow players to proceed at their own pace – taking breaks as necessary to retain their focus and concentration.
  • Create additional revenue streams to support long-term financial health of the organization.
  • Mitigate the risk of future impacts due to COVID recurrence.
  • Differentiate program offerings with the most powerful virtual training experience available: 
    • On-demand training
    • Progress tracking over time
    • Compete on live leaderboards
    • Customizable training programs for individual athletes


With CoachUp 24/7, coaches can offer players and parents innovative technology solutions that supplement in-person training and coaching. Benefits of this technology extend beyond a temporary fix for sports programs, including: 

  1. Increased player engagement
  2. Helping students develop self-discipline with practice schedules
  3. Greater coaching effectiveness on specific workout programs/techniques

Get started with a virtual coaching platform today. Regardless of how COVID-19 continues to impact your athletes, new research clearly shows that forward thinking coaches are focused on becoming more flexible, ensuring operational continuity and providing the most value possible to players and parents. Experience the power of CoachUp 24/7, and learn more today.

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