Connecting your Domain to your CoachUp Pro Website

You will need to connect your CoachUp Pro website to a custom domain name. While it does take a few steps, it is part of the fun of establishing a website. You get to choose the name! You then own this domain name, regardless of your relationship with CoachUp.


We recommend using GoDaddy to purchase your domain name. There are other similar services, but we have found the GoDaddy process to be pretty straightforward.

Follow these steps below to connect your Domain to your CoachUp Pro Website.


1. Go to and search for a domain name that is available.

Quick tips on picking a good domain name. These aren't necessary but can be good strategies

  • Simple
  • Related to your name, or personalized in some way
  • Contains your sport or training expertise
  • Related to your geographical location

2. Purchase the domain name through GoDaddy



3. Go to your CoachUp Pro Account and go to your "Settings." Select Custom Domain. In the pop up window,  add your domain name. Your name will follow the www. Select "Set your Domain."





4. Select Add SSL




5. Once you have completed these steps, you should see the following records in your account.




6. Follow the instructions in the video below to finish connecting your domain. Please note, this process is specifically for GoDaddy. (Tip - keep this video playing in this window, and open your CoachUp Pro account in a separate window. Go through step by step as the video plays, pausing the video when necessary.)





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