Can I contact a coach before booking sessions?

Interested in booking training sessions with a coach but want to speak with the coach first? Once you've found your coach, you can email the coach at any time by clicking the "Message Coach" button on the coach’s profile page.

Your message will be emailed to the coach, and his or her response will be emailed back to you. 


In order to speak with the coach over the phone, you must first submit a booking request. You can do this by clicking the "Book Now" option on any of the coach's packages. Once you send your coach a booking request, he or she will be able to accept the booking request which will automatically send you their phone number. If after speaking on the phone you decide it might not be the best fit or you'd prefer to switch to a different coach, we can either transfer you to a different coach or process a refund to your credit card.


Your message cannot contain phone numbers, email addresses, or websites until you have purchased a session, at which point your contact info will automatically be exchanged with your coach.
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