Can I add family or friends to receive training notifications?

You can enable scheduling and new message email/text notifications to keep your family and friends in the loop when coordinating CoachUp sessions.

For example, if your spouse is the one who keeps everyone on schedule, or your neighbor is the official carpool driver, enabling this feature will allow them to receive the same email notifications as you. Also, you may be interested in adding your child as an additional contact so they can receive emails directly from their coach.

To enable email/text alerts for a new contact:
  • Visit the "Coaches" tab of your CoachUp dashboard.
  • Scroll to your coach, and click the "Add new contact" button.
  • Enter the name and email address for the person you would like to receive alerts. You can also add their phone number if they wish to receive notifications about upcoming sessions via text message.
  • Click the blue "Add new contact" button.

Your new contact will now receive scheduling notifications as well as new messages from your coach.

You have the ability to add up to 3 people to receive messages and scheduling notifications.

To remove a contact:
  • In the "Coaches" tab of your CoachUp dashboard, click the "edit person" button.
  • Click the "Disable notifications" button. The contact will no longer receive coach messages or scheduling updates.


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